Floral Crowns

Every girl at some point has probably had flowers in her hair, maybe a daisy or wildflower plucked on a casual walk. The accent is sweet, innocent and vintage-romantic. Florals can be worked into your hair style the day of your wedding for the same beautiful effect. A few details to consider are the varieties of flowers that work best for this accent such as small Roses, Asters, Ranunculus, Baby’s Breath and Lisianthus to name a few… Characteristics should include their strength, durability and ability to persist out of water. The size of the flower is important for the look to be achieved comfortably. The larger the flower the more a stylist has to apply pins, spray and support.  Crowns can be simple and sweet, with small blooms intertwined with a touch of foliage, or statement making with a collection of flowers that is bold and more expressive. Have a floral crown made especially for a trial run hair appointment to see if this accent is for you on your big day!

Photo courtesy of Rabiah Khwaja

Photo courtesy of Jada Parrish.

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