• Floral Photo Booths

    Photo Booths, whether DIY or rented, are becoming quite the wedding trend. While most couples choose to personalize their guests’ photo experience with crazy props and theme specific signs, floral backdrops are emerging as the new style for the upcoming wedding season. For a romantic feel, try a lace tablecloth or vintage fabric framed with a lush green and rose garland…

    If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your backdrop, focus on deep, rich colors that will make your guests marvel at how beautifully they look framed in a bright bouquet of your wedding color scheme…

    Another way to make your photo backdrop unique is to hang distinctive frames with a pop of flowers adorning each for an elegant contrast that allows your guests a multitude of poses…

    No matter how you decide to decorate your photo booth or backdrop, know that you can’t go wrong with florals to create timeless portraits. Wherever your inspiration comes from, you can always convey your vision with flowers.

  • Floral Crowns

    Every girl at some point has probably had flowers in her hair, maybe a daisy or wildflower plucked on a casual walk. The accent is sweet, innocent and vintage-romantic. Florals can be worked into your hair style the day of your wedding for the same beautiful effect. A few details to consider are the varieties of flowers that work best for this accent such as small Roses, Asters, Ranunculus, Baby’s Breath and Lisianthus to name a few… read more

  • Summer Flowers

    Summer weddings beckon the use of those classic flowers that are only available this time of year. One such flower, the Zinnia, is grown in just about every shade imaginable from clean and classic white to vibrant and whimsical orange and fuchsia… read more